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Summer School on Data Science | 17.08 – 29.08 | sixth edition


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Data science and machine learning are rapidly growing. They combine skills from different areas of expertise – starting from classic statistical analysis, through software development, data management, ending up with domain and business expertise. It’s a lot of work, and one should keep the balance between them to master all skills necessary to become one of the Data Scientists.

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What IT Summer School in Wrocław is offering?

During Summer School course students have an opportunity to learn about general concepts of data science, data mining and big data, and get to have a practical experience with popular software tools like Python and Apache Spark. The two weeks program consist of 60 hours of classes that are divided into lectures and laboratory classes. Covered material can be divided into four main areas:

Students are expected to have basic familiarity with statistics, algorithms and programming to take full advantage of the course.

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So, quite literally this was on of the most memorable experiences I had, the warmth and hospitality found there can barely be explained, thanks in turn to the two hosting students that were also our guides, Karolina and Marta, those guys are absolutely amazing, the rest of the staff too! 🙂 Wroclaw is surprisingly filled with things that are just waiting to be explored, from the amazing sided coffee houses, the little dwarf figures on the streets(I think they are roughly 350 figures spread all over the city) to the excellent city center. the Summer School lectures are also great, taught by great lectures nonetheless, which are extremely useful and i actually found it really interesting to learn. Overall, I'd not only do this again, I would probably consider coming here every summer if I had the chance take an advice from someone who took part in this, and go experience it for yourself

Bader Fahoum

one of the best two weeks of my life, they offer more than just an academic course, the organizing team was amazing, and the city is beautiful would absolutely recommend it

Mutaz Fares

Nice Leisure Activities, interesting lectures and great opportunitie to meet new friends from other countries 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Johannes Schweer

Attending Summer School in Wroclaw was one of the best decisions I've made. They managed to come up with the perfect combination of fun and education. Wroclaw is an amazing city. We spent two weeks there and every day we had a different adventure! Lots of activities to be done, and even when we didn't have the energy for an adventure, there was always another pub to try! The hosts (Karolina, Marta and Kasia) made us feel like home, they organized the whole thing really well and accompanied us all the time, they made summer school much more fun! The lecturers were really good, and the subjects chosen were some of the most popular and the most important subjects in the field of data science nowadays, I left each lecture with new information and a couple of useful skills. I recommend this experience to anyone in the field of data science (or any field related to that) who is looking to learn while having lots of fun! these two weeks were amazing and many unforgettable memories were made!

Nizar Elias

Great two weeks! Excellent organisation and great value

Federico Lovat

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